The Arabic language is the 5th most spoken language in the world spoken by more than 467 million native people and  It is an official language in 26 countries spread across the Middle East and Africa. The Arabic language has influenced several other languages too including Malay, Urdu, Persian, Turkish, and Spanish.

As a language of the Qur'an and Islam, Arabic speaks daily by 1.7 Billion.

Arabic comes from the same language family of Semitic languages.

أَنَا البَحْرُ فِي أَحْشائِهِ الدُّرُ كَامِنٌ … فَهَلْ سَأَلُوا الغَوّاصَ عَنْ صَدْفَاتِيْ


We Keep You Always Updated 

Our Variety of Courses & Services designed to meet your aims in learning Arabic as part-time Courses or private Tutoring that suits all ages and all levels from Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Arabic Courses that taught by native speaking instructors, as learning and listening from Native Arabic instructors enunciate the words, and to imitate them as you learn will help you in your articulation of words and the culture too.


Special Programmes

Pre-Madrasah Entrance preparation

Madrasah Tutions Monthly 

Arabic Second language or mother tongue   

Special Programs for Haj & Umrah

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Quranic Courses

Talaqi and Recitation

Quranic Arabic Courses,

Tajweed Courses,

Iqra for Kids



Professional Translations  

Arabic to English or Malay and vice versa for all types of document, we have the tools to make the process fast and easy.


Tuition Services

Private Tutoring,

Madrasah Tuitions 

Arabic & Quran Home tutoring for Individuals, Families, and Groups



Professional and Experience Arabic to English or Malay Interpreters for All fields and topics  Make your visit or conferences in Singapore  Easy and achieve the success

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