Arabic language is spoken by more than 422 million as native people and is the fifth most spoken language in the world. It is an official language in 26 Countries spread across the Middle East and Africa. The Arabic language has influenced several other languages too including Urdu, Malay, Persian, Turkish and even Spanish. Arabic comes from the same language family of Semitic languages.

The Qur’an written in Classical Arabic (known as Quranic Arabic). The Classical Arabic very rarely Spoken after Abbasid Era.

As language of Islam the Arabic is spoken in the daily prayers of whole Muslims 1.7 Billions peoples. 


أَنَا البَحْرُ فِي أَحْشائِهِ الدُّرُ كَامِنٌ … فَهَلْ سَأَلُوا الغَوّاصَ عَنْ صَدْفَاتِيْ

We Offers Variety of Courses which meet your aims in learning Arabic. Part-time Courses or private Tutoring for all ages and levels.

We teach our students in Modern Standard Arabic(Fusha) which is officially use in studies, books, news and writing nowadays.

All Courses are taught by native speaking instructors. When learning and listening from Native Arabic instructors enunciate the words, and to imitate them as you learn will helps you in your articulation of words.

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Arabic Courses

Standard Arabic,

Business Arabic,

Colloquial Arabic,

Arabic for Travelers

Arabic for Children

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Special Programmes

Special programmes for Pre-Madrasah Entry Special Arabic Programs for familes & Groups 

Special programs for Madrasah Students

Special Arabic Programs for Haj & Umrah

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Quranic Courses

Talaqi and Recitation,

Quranic Arabic Courses,

Tajweed Courses,

Reading & Recitations,

Iqra for Kids

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Profissional Arabic to English or Malay and vice versa

No matter what type of document translation you are looking for, we have the tools to make the process fast and easy.

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Tuition Services

Arabic Tutoring,

Madrasah Tutoring

Quran Reading and Tajweed Home tutoring for

Families and Groups

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Profissional and Experince Arabic to English or Malay Interpretors for All feilds and topics  Make your visit or conferences in Singapore  Easy and achieve the success.

Online lesson

 One-to-One Arabic Live Lesson are very flexible; lessons can be held at any time of the day which suits the student’s convenience. The tutor will cater to your needs and requirements. Our one to one online lessons are tailor-made for each student level. 

 Why Learn Arabic with Us!

  • Learn the 5th most Spoken language.

  • Understand the meaning of the Quran!

  • Make new friends & extend your social network!

  • Discover the Arabic and Islamic History & Culture!

  • Make your traveling to Middle East enjoyable!

  • Get more close to your Customers & Co-workers.

  • Open new opportunities for your future or expend your business! 

Discount & Refund Policy:

5% for Early-bird registrations for selected courses

10% When register for Two Persons together.

15% When register for More than Two persons.

20%  for Ex-student to enroll in another course.

Refund Policy: 

Two Weeks Before the course Start Full amount.

A week Before the course Starts Half amount.

Once the Course Start:  No refund

Thank You, You Are Visitor No.

Payment Methods:

Cash & Installment Payment: 

Call, SMS or What's App: 85908291 for an arrangement

 Bank Transfer: 

POSB  Bank - Saving account No. 249-66726-9

PayLah Payment 

Payment to our phone No. 85908291

PayPal Payment

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