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Sat, 23 Nov


Arabic Council

Holiday Islamic Programme 2024

The program is crafted to foster Islamic educational development in children every Saturday from 12 to 2 pm. It comprises five lessons customized for kids aged 6 to 15 years old!

Holiday Islamic Programme 2024
Holiday Islamic Programme 2024

Time & Location

23 Nov 2024, 12:00 pm – 21 Dec 2024, 2:00 pm

Arabic Council, 100 Orchard Rd, #03-04 Concorde Hotel & Mall, Singapore 238840

About the Course


We aim to impart fundamental and indispensable Islamic knowledge to children, equipping them with skills in reading, and writing Arabic, as well as fostering a deep understanding of the Quran.

Subject: Arabic, Iqra’ and Quran Memorization


1- Huruf Hijaiyah

2- Fathah

3- Dhommah

4- Kasrah

5- Reading, Writing & Spelling  the words 

6- Able to read Quran on his/her own 

7- Memorization of the first 10 Surah


1- Able to recognize Huruf Hijaiyah by it self or in the words.

2- Able to join Huruf Hijaiyah to make words,

3- Able to read Huruf Hijaiyah Fathah, Dhommah and Kasrah.

4- Read the Quran and Arabic 

5- Able to recite and memorize the first 10 Surah.

Subject: Daily Doa


1- Doa Before Sleeping

2- Doa After Sleeping

3- Doa Before Eating

4- Doa After Eating

5- Doa Entering Toilet

6- Doa Out From Toilet


1- Able to read Daily Doa on their own.

2- Understand the meaning of the Doa they read.

3- Memorise the Daily Doa very fluently.

Subject: Solat


1- Wudhu’

2- Solat Reading

3- Solat Practical


1- Know the steps of taking Wudhu’ dan able to make Wudhu’ on their own.

2- Memorise the Solat Readings.

3- Able to perform Solat on their own with the right postures.

Subject: Tauhid


1- Pillars Of Islam

2- Pillars Of Iman

3- Shahadah


1- Manage to list down 5 Pillars Of Islam.

2- Manage to list down 6 Pillars Of Iman.

3- Manage to read Shahadah together with the meaning.

Subject: Fiqh


1- Fasting

2- Hajj


1- Able to explain in detail about Fasting during Ramadhan.

2- Able to list down the Rukun of performing Hajj.

Subject: Sirah


1- 25 Prophets names

2- Rasulullah s.a.w. Story


1- Able to sing and list down the 25 Prophets.

2- Able to know about Rasulullah s.a.w. life and basic information.

Subject: Akhlak


1- Adab to Parents and Siblings.

2- Adab to people around us.

3- Adab for daily life activities. 


1- Manage to list down all the Adab to Parents and Siblings.

2- Manage to list down all the Adab to people around us

3- Manage to list down all the daily activities. 

About the Class: 

Age: 6 - 15 Years 

Gender: Boys & Girls 

No Dress Code

Level: 0 and above 

Every Saturday's 12.00 - 2.00 pm (5 Lessons) 


  • Programme Fees for One Student

    5 Lessons Each lesson: 2 Hours Registration Materials for one student

  • Programme Fee for Two Students

    Full fees for 2 Students with a 20% discount including the registration and materials.




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