No matter what type of document translation you are looking for, we have the tools to make the process fast and easy. Our translation services are even integrated into Microsoft Office, allowing you to get an instant quote and place your order directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint.



Translation Services

We can help you while you are here in Singapore no matter you are here for Business, Travel, Medical, Conference or others.

 Corporate rates for Companies, hospitalizes and other organizations for long terms



Interpretation Services

We Provide Arabic Calligraphy Services for all your needs  such as Weeding, Conferences and other events with the full materials and designs. 

Also for individual requests too Such names,...etc.



Calligraphy Services

English & Arabic Standard Keyboard Layout Stickers Frosted Protector White Letters

100% New and High Quality!!! 
Colour: black 

Material: PVC - Size: 18*6.5*0.05cm
Fit any desktop or notebook keyboards
Easy to apply and remove
Made from high-quality material (PVC)
Black background with white letters



Arabic Keyboard Stickers

Get special Singapore T-shirt With or Without Arabic Council logo! All sizes | male or female |Polo & Round Neck.

Choose your own words whether English or Arabic and we will translate it to Arabic and design it and print it the way you and the size choose!

Muslimah T-Shirts are available too.

Be special or get as present to your Special ones!



Special Arabic Words T-Shirt

Rent Our Classroom

Looking for a classroom for your classes, Saminars or meeting in the Heart of the City Let us facilitate your event for you!

Room Size: 400sft

Set-Up: Classroom style 12 - 17 seats. 

Min Duration: 2 Hours


tables & chairs,

WiFi & projector,

whiteboard & markers,

mineral water & candies


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