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يُسَعِّدُنَا تَوَاصُلُكُمْ وَتَلَقِّي اِسْتِفْسَارَاتِكُم مِنْ خَلَال تَعْبِئَةِ النَّمُوذِجِ أَدْنَاهُ، كَمَا يُمْكِنُكُمْ أَيْضًا التَّوَاصُلُ مَعَنَا عَبْرَ الإِيمَيْلِ وَالْهَاتِفِ أَوْ الوَتْسَ آبْ.

100 Orchard Road, #03-04 Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, Singapore 238840

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Meet The Team


Ira Syakira

Certified Islamic religious instructor, recognized with the Asatizah Recognition Certificate by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS).

Spent a good 6 years covering her primary and secondary at Al-Ola Language School in Egypt and a good 5 years covering her secondary and pre-university Islamic studies at Singapore’s prestigious Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah. 

Pursued her Bachelor’s Degree at Yarmouk University in Jordan and graduated with BA in Arabic Language and Its literature. 

Enjoys teaching and sharing knowledge, experience, and tips with her student.

No matter where we go, or how old we are, we never stop learning.


Zainal Abidin

Quran teacher who has devoted over a decade to teaching the Holy Quran. He has been teaching Quran since 2010, both at home and in various private institutions, and has an exceptional track record of effectively conveying Islamic teachings to his students. Zainal Abidin is ARS certified by MUIS, which attests to his knowledge and expertise in Quranic studies.

In addition to his teaching career, Zainal Abidin is a versatile individual who has excelled in his entrepreneurial endeavors. He is a successful businessman who has demonstrated his ability to balance multiple roles in his life. Zainal Abidin's business ventures are a testament to his hard work, determination, and innovative spirit. 

known for his exceptional communication skills and his ability to connect with his students on a personal level. 


Mohd Aziz

I'm a native Arabic speaker from Egypt who has vast experience working as an English-Arabic interpreter in both local and overseas companies. His wide knowledge of the Arabic language is greatly sought after.  He was invited by the International Chambers to become an Arabic translator and an interpreter in 2007

Having resided in Saudi Arabia for more than 6 years and living in Singapore for more than 15 years makes me more familiar with both cultures and experienced in teaching groups and individuals since 2012 helps me to expose and share the rich culture and experience to our students.

It's my pleasure to represent Singapore for YOG 2010 as an interpreter and translator for the Middle-Eastern countries.

​I'm honored to be Asatizah Recognition Board (ARS) certified teacher and PA Arabic Trainer in Singapore. 



I first spent 6 years in Blangah Rise Primary School, Singapore then afterward move to
Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School, South Jakarta, for 4 years to study Arabic and Syariah
and 2 years in Dar Ummahatil Mukminn Batu Malang, Indonesia to learn Arabic and Syariah as well, and now currently studying in
Al-Zuhri Institute of Higher Learning for my diploma in Arabic and Syariah
She enjoys teaching and sharing knowledge, experience, and tips with her students
learning Arabic is for everyone regardless of where you are from and how old you are!
Everyone is welcome!

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