Our Mission

To Interduce the Beautiful Arabic Language and it's Culture, through Learning Arabic The Easy Way.

We focus on the simple technique and the important topics for our students. 

Our Vision

Arabic Council aims to help non-native speaking to learn the Arabic language in an easy way. To be able to speak and write as well as to experience and develop a love for the Arabic language and culture.

About Us

Why Choose Us?
We are using the most professional, Direct and easy way with our customized book which done by our teacher to make your learning easy with fun.

We not only just focus on teaching but we engage our student in practicing and showing interest in what they learning. We are not looking for making money in first place but we more care to help everyone to learn Arabic in an easy way!

We build a community in the classroom and didn't take a big number of the course to ensure everyone been taken care.  


 Our Books and Materials:

Is perfectly and carefully planned, selected authored by us to match the non-native speaker's abilities and take them towards the language bit by bit and from level to level in a professional and smooth way.

Our Environment: 

One of our important considerations is to create a good and fun environment as we understand our students are adults and have they own busy life? We also encourage the teamwork and roll the ideas among the students, We do group assignments to make sure all have shared and they also like to converse in Arabic between them. 

Our Teachers:

We Proudly have big group of Ustazah and Teachers who are Native, fluent, Certified and Experienced for our courses and private tutoring who is local or lives in Singapore for a long time.

OurTeachers are experienced in both cultures which make it easy for us to deliver or share our knowledge with our students. The materials we use is more understandable and useful for our students.

With selections of Ustaz and Ustazah who are native and non-native but study Arabic abroad can help you and reach you everywhere in Singapore to make your journey in studying Arabic or Quran is easy, fun and enjoyable!

Ustaz/ Mohamed Aziz:

Native Arabic Speaking from Egypt who has vast experience working as an English-Arabic interpreter in both local and overseas companies. His wide knowledge of the Arabic language is greatly sought after.  He was invited by the International Chambers to become Arabic translator and an interpreter since 2007.

He lives in Singapore for more than 11 years and this makes him more familiar with both cultures.  He also had experiences in private teaching in groups or individual since 2012.  

Mr. Mohamed also represented Singapore for YOG 2010 as an interpreter for the Middle-Eastern countries where he played a vital role in interpretation and translation. Having resided in Saudi Arabia for more than 6 years, he was exposed to the rich culture of the Arabs in which he will share his experience with his students.

​Mr. Mohamed holds a teaching certificate from  Asatizah Recognition Board  (ARS) in Singapore.


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